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Nuts Can Surf – Cysco lyrics

Well the mic goes crazy when I step to the plate,
I got the kinda rhymes that'll make your period late.
When you beat the Bible with the broken brick,
The shit gets thick, I'll give it a kick.
When my propane shoes will get you smokin' -
The hotter it gets, the deeper the shit.
When the pirates hook gets replaced with the hand,
You'll be runnin' for power pelets like you was pac-man.
In the dragon's layer, A.C. Slater,
A rubber-duckie duckin' underneath the mastabator.
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex.
Tearin' at your face with the tase of my waste,
While you're acting like a kindegardner eatin' your paste.
Because my rhymes are like a name drawn in the sand,
While you're rockin' with the leprechauns in the band.
My style's like thunder,
I got you're number.
Obsceney harassing girls that are under the age of 13,
I get on the on the scene,
I'll make you feel like you're in an erotic dream.
Over & over, over 50 times,
Shut the curtains & close the blinds.
Just get relax, sit back or lay,
And let the wild horses take you away.
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex.
Now, I can through down with any ya'll shit,
'cause I got the shit that'll split your lip.
You may got the flava,
You may got the rhyme,
And you may got the beat's that'll blow your mind...
But I got it all and it's standing like a wall,
And you'll be bouncing all over the place like you was a basketball.
When I deflate the rate, I wear it down
But you'll be standing in the corner without a sound
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex,
I am the oral sex.
© 1996 Dellfold Entertainment & ncs

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