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Npk Twice – None New lyrics

[Verse 1:Npk Twice ]
Niggers be hatin I'm Rapin the West
Verses growin they on Yeast
I put in the Dee like bad spellin
You got a watch but no timin
All these ex's that I'm rollin
Sex on a plane they fuckin up
If it's Green then we roll it up
You got a watch but no timmin
I put in the dee like bad Spellin
They be askin wher twice be at?
In the Hood holdin a Get
Your goin down like the Sunset
I aint Even Done yet
They say I'm Soundin Cold Jet
Like A bowl of Hard White
Guis I'm spitin Hard Right?
On Point like a Bull Fight
Drinkin, Makin Noise Right?
Let the girl play with Blind sights
Google me on Web Sites
Killin shit then Burry right
Singin it Like barry white
Don't shoot me I'm the massanger
But ima Massage massage her

[Chorus:Npk Twice ]
Hood shacks Poverty...
Nah it aint None New
I see you hatin, tripin
Nah it aint none new
Your doin that shit now...
It aint nothing new
It aint nothing new

[Verse 2: Npk Twice]
Your that litle Particle that I wanted to Show
Your girl looks Great I hope she can Blow man, Baloons...
Yes this mixtape is PG, PG for Pure Gold what the f*ck you think Mold?
If your Mans Like Tompo, Girl Don't Brink
This aint no 'Em Album but your gettin no love
It's too bad got no f*ucks to give
You aint my type like them voice prompts baby
I would of saved the World if I wasn't this Crazy
My siblings all cute, I'm the uglly Baby
My mama even knew it took no picture as a baby
I'm a Nice person, I just do bad things
I'm an Open Package like 3 Wedding Rings


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