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Npk Twice – Murda lyrics

[Intro: Gemini Major]
Rude Boy!
We gon' tell em Now!

[Intro:Npk Twice]
I'm Bout to Go in x 6
Yea.. Yea...

[Verse1: Npk Twice]
What else can I do?
Then spit Peagen Flu?
F*ck ya List!
Don't get me Pissed
I'm number one
I spit Piff Son
Let ya actions speak like a Mimic
Twins on aids I'm too sick
Must be the Weed
Must Be the Lean
So I won't Blame ya
My girls a Ten so f*ck six
Devour him with Chop sticks
Dice your name alone is a diss!
Talk shit online but in person You kiss ass
I just dissed 6 Cats with one fuckin verse
You aint even gota ask
I spit acrobat! in reverse! I'm too Ignant
You made a mistake went Plumbin' with no gloves
Yall a bunch of M's yall aint gettin no love
I'm dissapointed my n*gger your naked truth was takin Nudes
Could of inboxed that sh*t

[Hook : Gemini Major]
I'm in the Game now
I know you see me
My competition Gota Kill em like Murda x3

[Verse 2:Npk Twice]
You dissed me last year now You beggin me for favours
I don't blame you my ni*ger,I bet you feelin' all the vapours
And your off the remix you can keep your Verse...
You'll be suprised My ni*ger how many nikkers talked
Wouldn't buy your tape even if its half price
Revert your ear drum clearly you don't hear Son...
I put the west on the map Twice is google Son...
Ur soundin like Pistorius ur bars stint was too short...
Yall want fuckin Bars? Well I bring to you Lindela!
You f*ckin fedup 2 Faced motherf*ckers
Talk behind my back,But kiss ass in my pressence!
Be like a mimic an let ur actions speak ni*ger

[Hook : Gemini Major]
I'm in the Game now
I know you see me
My competition Gota Kill em like Murda x3

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