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Nick Granato – No More Stones lyrics

No more stones
Words & Music by Nick Granato
(V1) You don't have to love me; you don't even have to like me
But all I ask is that you just respect what I believe,
We all have opinions, of what we see as truth
But my interpretation may not be the same as you,
Cause everyone is different, yet everyone's the same
We all make excuses; we all like to place the blame....
(Chorus 1)
And I don't want to be accused of blindly throwing stones at you, and
I don't want to feel the pain inside my heart when you throw them too, and
I don't really think it's wise, to pick up stones and ruin lives,
Don't you think it's time we all should grow... no more stones...
(V2) You could choose to hate me, maybe you don't understand me
But I can't be responsible for how you choose to feel
If we listen to each other, we might find some common ground
We've got to get beyond our pettiness, before it all comes crashing down
(Chorus 1)
There's no need to point a finger, cause everyone's to blame
Don't you think life's hard enough, Can't you see it's time to change....
(Chorus 2)
No I don't want to start a war of words,
Just to wound your soul and make you hurt, I'd
Rather sit and take the time to try and make a better life
And I really don't feel we all should fight, just because we think we're right
We all know it's time for us to grow... no more stones
Don't you think it's time we all should grow... no more stones...
Let them go... no more stones... no more stones...
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/Bmi

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