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Nesian Mystick – Sun Goes Down lyrics

Sun Goes Down lyrics

Awa [Chorus:]
My baby
Please don't leave me now
Kiss me till the sun goes down

Please don't leave me now
Kiss me till the sun goes down
Goes down
Goes down

Kiss me till the sun goes down
Goes down
Goes down

Kiss me till the sun goes down

Sabre (Verse one)
Told the crew I'm out, off to the other side of town
Info on a need to know, keep it on the low now
One more day, then I'm on my way
Trying to make the most still seeing your face
Don't want think about it rather stay in denial
Pretend it ain't a fact at least for the meanwhile
But for the moment being we in our own world
Make me feel like jay z you must be my dream girl


Junz [Verse 2:]
Yeah! Touchdown, destination abroad
Vision of homebase way heavy on my thoughts
Intiate distraction, match fashion, action,

Step on scene, G double E makes is happen
I think you're hellava, hellava if it's cool,
Holla at a brother for another rendevous,
I'm sending my love and I'm a seal it with
A kiss,
I aint never had a love like this.


Awa [Bridge:]
No tears
That's what I keep saying in my head
Trying to hold it together
Scared I might lose you forever, and ever

Oldwun [Verse 3:]
So understand me when I wanna kiss n caress
Gotta move your body closer,
Love me unlike the rest
It feels so right,
She be why me heart melt like ice
In de middle of de night,
Make de naughtiness nice
So let me work it, work it,
While you twurk it, twurk it
Got me mind overtime thinkin dirty, dirty
I know you feel the vibe when we together
Ha'you ke ta ki 'alu 'o 'eva 'eva

By Kaea Macdonald

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