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Nanu Alidina – Rambo (Toronto Remix) lyrics

Toronto, stand the fuck up!
Hahahah, I’ve been working too damn hard recently (Alidina)
And it’s about to pay off, now…

(Woo!) Rambo!
Ridin’ through Toronto with a plan though, (who?)
6 devil in flesh hope you know come correct god ain’t even a threat, no! (why?)
‘Cause rambo on the set fuckin’ chillin’ with the vets, drippin’ out in all camo’
Hater better chill, he be looking’ like a fan though
That shit was never real, take that shit up to your mans though, uh

Get the fuck out of my side
I don’t think you know, but this is my time
Fuckin’ with the flow, Nanu been online
Go collect my dough, they better pay mines, uh

They better pay mines I tell him
Off of that grapevine, I’m up in the cellar
You wanna take mine? Like, don’t you fuck with it
I just be like nah man, you done or you finished?

By all means I dare y’all to try and come get it
Break through the ceilin’ I’m fly up like pidgeon
High up, good riddens, you don’t want me down there
Know I’m a villain, lord, don’t put me out there

I’ll fuck up the system
Like Rambo, I’m honest
Do it, ‘cause I see these haters astonished
Up in the 6 and you know that I’m dropping’
Like later this fall that’s that shit that I promise (woo!)

Killin’ shit up in the 6 is what I stand fo’
What the fuck you thought you little thots ain’t what I’m glad fo’
I’m trying to feed my family, why the fuck you really mad fo’? Uh, yeah

Hunting’ down a rapper ‘cause I’m trying to feed the fam’ though
Trying to fuck my bitch, & bet I get it all on cam though
And show you when I give a fuck I really be the man though, uh!

Heard I’m what you mentioned
Like, what the fuck is you addressing
Little homie, stay the little homie homie don’t be up there flexin’
With other them li’ homies, talking’ shit since I was 7, uh

And I don’t want no problems
Best believe that I got them, no
And I ain’t trying to mock them
I treat a hater like a beef I motherfuckin’ squash them, uh

Hehe, yeah

Now a days, everybody trappin’ out the bando
Whip this, and cook that, like homie what you rap fo’?
Self snitching’ proficy ‘cause this is what you asked fo’ , for real

And I don’t understand though
Lost boys on they motherfuckin’ peter pan flow
Thot boys really think they be the fuckin’ man though
And I don’t feel that shit, only the 6 & what I stand fo’

Chorus: x1

It’s some Toronto tings eh? (haha!)

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