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Naked Earth – Fight To Save Our World lyrics

Was looking at a sky of blue
But now it's turned to grey
A whole lot darker now than yesterday
Could it have been a dream
Or a distant memory
Cos things seem so much worse than they used to be
Wandering on the beach
Thought I would take a swim
But signs are telling me I can't go in
Says "Too much bacteria"
When will it be cleared up
The seas are big but they're not big enough
For this abuse, seems it's just no use
The time has come to change our way
Though we should have yesterday
Fight to save our world
Saw a new car today
Just like all the rest
Using fossil fuel when solar's best
People talk of change
Running cars on batteries
But it's prevented by oil companies
Took a walk down to the creek
But it's there no more
Nothing but concrete from shore to shore
No more fish that swim
No more birds that sing
Mankind keeps destroying everything
For his own gain, it's just insane
The time has come to change our way
Though we should have yesterday
Fight to save our world
Fight to change the way we treat the air
Fight bureaucracies that just don't care
Fight to change the future of our children
Fight to save the species that day by day we keep on killin'
Saw a group of kids
Thought it looked ok
But then I noticed that they weren't at play
Was at the local school
Ten kids in a fight
Nine wrong surrounding one that's right
(Mark Overby; ©1994 Naked Earth Productions)

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