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Mystic – A Dream lyrics

[Repeat 3x]
It's only a dream
I know that gobbled as a child, and got her own
Still he got to bless me too, I been struggling too long
Tryna keep my head up in this hateful world
Always been mama's soldier, never daddy's little girl
I did some fucked up shit, in the name of the game
Before we even call it that, still it's all the same
Shed, blood, sweat, and tears over the years I been scarred
Trace the tracks of my tears, they will show you who I are
Still I, stand strong wit the militant mind
Not no ice cold bitch, that's to easy to find
Try and maintain my mental, as a peaceful place
Still I be ready to die, till I see my mother's face
Got to unlace the rage that I feel
Constant struggle and madness, ain't got to claim to keep it real
True queen, considered twinkle in my eyes
The glide in my step, I bless the world before I die
And tries I might, ain't a damn thang I can do
Just got to hold on until I make it threw
Until I make it threw...
[Repeat 3x]
It's only a dream
I been dreamin, for so long
What's the meaning, meaning all my life
I been dreamin, for so long
Mama help me, help me make it right
[Verse 2:]
It's long nights I shake, my body starve from anger
Hopin lady luck will hear my wish's
Instead of treatin me like a stranger
And Mr. Death plucks my people one by one
It's a cold world, and I'm one of the last suns
Forever shinin, even when the skys grey
Will I eternally suffer, mama tell me it will be okay
Chains at my window, I just wanna be free
I'm not scared to die, but why must my people bleed
I gotta get somethin it's my destiny
To all wives up in heaven, I say blessin me

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