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Mr. Forbes – I'm So High lyrics

[Verse 1:]
(Yeah Look)
I'm so high my third eye gotta birds eye view
Plus I'm fly as an eagle I'm lookin' down on you
Two J's assorted kush and dro I'm seein' the world spin while my dutch burn slow
Got foes on the creep, while my fuckin phone blowin up
Still I finish first place Forbes never runner up
Aviator shades over dilated pupils
Fuck seein' eye to eye in my oliver peoples
I'm high as cathedral steeples
Fallin from here is lethal
Ballin yes it's my callin' you stallers go to the bleachers
I've yet to reach my zenith I'm a mammoth to you midgets
And my flow make em say got damnit you the sickest.
Nahh I can't chill I'm do it the savage way
Grindin' like a muh fucka even on the sabboth day
Munchin on a whopper I thought I'd have it my way.
So High man


[Verse 2:]
(Mm, yeah, look, check it!)
I relapse when that needle hit the track
Got crack for your system you prolly should run this back
And overdose on this dope flow Kurt Cobain like
Get ya mind blown and high in the same night
We are not alike
I'm on another flight fueled by the haters my goal is to reach another high
Cause I been outta sight and far out before the hippies
Gettin busy in the street while you was gettin tipsy
Fuck competition I don't see the shit
And If I get any higher my nose'll bleed and shit
The women say me the shit flies all around me
I'm swimming in a cloud of smoke I hope it doesn't drown me
And you can smell the kush I know I leave a trail
And I ain't rapping when I say I got a Big L
As I inhale I feel I live a movie
High as Whitney Houston waiting to exhale
Smokin a doobie.
(Smoking a doobie man, lemme stop talkin')


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