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Mic Righteous – Runnin lyrics

[Feat. Sny D]

I'm running where the wind blows. I'm running with the wind. [x2]

[Verse 1: Mic Righteous]
Yea I'm running, I keep running, I keep on running.
Never looking back for nothing I keep it coming
Look what I've become but then look what I came from.
If I keep on running then fuck them I'll take off.
And I, ain't gonna stop till I got what I came for at night I find myself
Praying more.
Cause every day I feel more hopeless. Try take that for weakness I'm real
You're jokers.
I feel the Lord on my shoulders moving at top speed.
Who are my opponents? Who's gonna stop me?
The clocks ticking and every second matters.
For that I'm never slacking. Too many rappers stepping backwards.
Whilst I stay ahead of the pack cause I practice ready for action.
In fact I'm ready to jack pricks cause I never had shit.
Now I'm taking what's mine. Running for my life in the race against time.

Ever since I came in the game it's been nothing but pain fuck running away.
I'm running cause I wanna be ahead of the rest.
But I'm wondering have I got anything left?

[Verse 2: Mic Righteous]
I'm hotting off. Ain't gonna stop.
Allot of loss. Allot of gain. Allot of hurt allot of pain.
Allot of mandem have changed, running down hill they gotta stamp on the
Before it's too late they crash. It's Class A till I meet my grave.
My fam from day. My man C-money, Goon, Lambs and Snake.
Everybody makes mistakes but now I'm heading straight.
Always said I'd never change. I got plans and aims.
Ain't it funny how a bitch can turn man insane?
Trick you into thinking you ain't when your trapped in a game.
I nearly lost the people that made me the man I am to this day.
Ain't it strange how even I got blinded by love.
Why the fuck did I wifey a s***?
But I one that come back wiped the shit out my eyes
Saw the devil in disguise. Bitch get out my life.

Ever since I came in the game it's been nothing but pain fuck running away.
I'm running cause I wanna be ahead of the rest.
But I'm wondering have I got anything left? [x2]

[Verse 3: Sny-D]
Let me run this. Yo let me tell them properly.
I came in the game and now you can't stop me.
We got the energy to kill the mic.
Me and Mic beside Mic can you feel the vibe?
It's like I been through the war man I fight for pride.
But sometimes I get the feeling that life's a ride.
With no love. I feel to flip and go nuts.
But the mandem around me keep me grown up.
Head straight, Don't be affected by fake take the good with the bad and
Respect what you make.
Cause at the end of the day it ain't gonna change.
Life's too short to try and wait for the day that you want.
I pray but don't get a response.
I pray for the day we're all getting along.
But until that day comes.
Time I waste none.
I'm running to the top of the game be race won.

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Submitted byLikeaBoss


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    The meaning of "Ever since I came into the game been nothing but pain fuck running away I'm running 'cause I want to be ahead of the rest but I'm wondering have I got anything left" is that ever since Mic Righteous has entered the music buisness it's been non-stop fame and he's been pushing himself to the limit and he doesn't know if he has any more energy in him to push himself further into the big buisness.
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