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MexicoFALLZ – Oh Billy lyrics

About 2 years ago now
Tommy met jess but it didn't work out
So now Billys gonna help him see this through.
And he says:
Tonight we're gonna get fucked up.

There was time in life he thought it would never end
Turns out he was wrong so the story begins.
He asked Billy for a lot of advice
On how to start a brand new life.
And billy says:
Oh, Mate! I can help you,
To get over this shit that you've been through.
There's a party down the road tonight,
Well do you think you're up for that?

So they neck a few shots just to start the night
They know that everything, that everything
Is gonna go just the way they want it.
They Say:
Oh! Gonna be wicked fun
Beer, chicks and just hanging out with everyone
Gonna get to see what you've been missing out all along.

So here we go, we aint taking it slow
Gonna have another beer, and then get with someone we don't know
Beer bong, Shot gun, Getting Naked, Having Fun
Living it up, there's high Fives for everyone.
Turn up the tunes, gonna break down the room
Now the night has begun, get some air in your lungs and scream
Beer bong, Shot gun, Getting Naked, Having Fun
Living it up, there's high Fives for everyone.

Now he's got his mates and he has gotten over her
Jess is only a memory and he don't care.
Thank Billy for all his advice
He said, now you can get on with your life.

They Say, Time to get another drink.
Drunk guy, fucked up, pissing in the kitchen sink.
Nights full of laughter, no sense of disaster
Wreck every room with no need for an answer.
Everybody's loving it, hanging out, there's nothings wrong
Dj's got a track list down, playing our Nintendo Song
The only thing missing is two girls kissing,
But that could happen later on, we don't even know!

Beer Bong, Shot Gun, Getting Naked, Having Fun
Cocktails, Cheap beer, Beatdowns, Jager Bombs
Fist Fights Mosh Pits, Jelly shots, Vomit
Pizza, Vodka, Neck it, Forfeit
Hand Jobs, Back flips, second base, girls tits
Myspace Beer cans, Streaking, Punk Kids
You porn, ipods, Xbox, Hi Tops
Sunshine, lollipops, Rainbows, lemon drops
Beer bong, Shot gun, Getting Naked, Having Fun
Living it up, there's high Fives for everyone.

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