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Meredith O'Connor – Celebrity lyrics

Verse 1
It's been 3 weeks your never ever gonna see my heart on my sleeve you've
Made a mistake you took our love and then you put hate in it's place, I'm
Not unscarred anymore I wanna get back to before how do I do it? yeah
I wanna be a celebrity if it will make you sad, I'll wright a song about you
And me just to make you mad, if you'll say girl I'm sorry cut me slack well
I'll say no way in hell will I take you back
Verse 2
It's really just a matter of time because I know your gonna come back and
Change your mind so bought luck if you realize what you've dot you're cruel
Fake mean sick and I'm done. and I know you're gonna hear this and cry, and
Maby you'll know your the reason why,  
Once I'm determined I've got tons of intuition your mama says I'm stubborn
She's not used to strong ambition, forgiving you might take as long as a
Year or a million day, but at least I can stand up look you in the eyes and
I wanna be  celebrity if it'll make u sad and when u turn on that tv you'll
See the girl you could of had  if you'll say girl I'm sorry cut me slack
Well I'll say no way in hell will I take you back (chorus)
It's really a foolproof remedy, just wait till I become, a celebrity 

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