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Meeghan Henry – When I'm 18 lyrics

When I'm 18, they'll see

When I'm 18
I'm gonna be famous
Everybody in my school is gonna be jealous
I'll be out shopping like there's no tomorrow
Be sittin with my friends in my fancy limo
I'm gonna blast the music loud
Party till the neighbour complain about the sound
I'm gonna go crazy
Do what I want coz I'm the kind of girl who wants to have fun, fun
I wanna have fun, fun

When it's summer and school is out
Gonna drive my friends and I can burned up all around
Paparazi will want pictures of me
Coz they know how much they worth inside my very big deal
They catch me hangin out, hangin with some boys
And it's found on the front page of the "Troubleloys"
I get depressed a story to wtite about
And then they goin twisted but I really have no doubt

Chorus + I'm gonna have fun

I can't wait for this dream to become a reality
I want people to see my special personality
Coz they say I'm bubbly but lazy and just a little crazy
But they say I'm sweet, ambetite, and a total treat
I'll be living a life of a superstar
Have people following me when I'm out in my car...


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