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MC Paul Barman – Paullelujah lyrics

What will we do when we have our own kids
Give 'em twelve year bids just after the bars come of
The cribs
Work within the system, make 'em listin'
To the darkest lecture in the architecture
Of a prison full of purity guards, security guards
That's sure to be hard
Recess [ringing]
Ran... To the yard
... Visitation rights
Boredom is the warden
Think we just ignore private school
But can you afford them?
And even then they're fair to Bette Midler
They fiddle... Diddles
And now they got the Ritalin
Another dumb doctor's complicity
I'm about to substitute teach no T. Are. A. C. T.

So when the states fail
And they can't make bail
We'll hold a yail brake/fake bake sale
Slow in the uptake
While below in this cupcake
There is a file mile wide
With the rebile style died


Current events, comparesing contrasts
Causing effects, evarising bombats
Five paragraphs each starts with a topic sentence
Or hook for pop ascendants
So much pop of course people stop attendance
And this court loves to drop defences
Let me see how illusion is spelled
98 percent of the graduates retriculate
Because the other ones got expelled
And then you know where they go

We could relatucate with the art
But we ain't got pay...
You can take you budgettary constraints
And find it up you hairy ta...
That means you principle asswipe!
You are worse for crossing grass than sass in a glass
This isn't hyperbolly
This is reality, verbally
And we don't wan't weekends we need every day between
If you're mic-ed out when you're twenty
You're old when you're fifteen
I know - I reopen the black mountain school
And bring back to us the abacus as a counting tool
Y'all know what time it is
This is my... House
When run around when it's nice out
And nobody counts house

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