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MC Nas-D & DJ Freaky Fred – It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass) Original lyrics


I don't know why all them girls wanna ride in Nas-D's cadillac

(MC Nas-D)

You wanna know why?It's cuz my...



Got that

(Bass, bass)

You know my...


Got that

(Boom, boom)


Got that

(Bass, bass)

You know my....


Got that

(Boom, boom)

In it, in it

(First Verse)

Yo it's a shame, and also very funny

I can have a decent girl, cuz it's all about that money

When I drive my Cadillac she wants to ride in it to death

If I walk I don't start talkin' cuz it's wastin' my breath

I remember the times I had to put up with the fakin'

But now things have changed, cuz it's records I'm makin'

Packin' hundred dollar Bills as they lose in manilas

Chalkin' girls I just met and takin' 'em to the La Quinta

Cuz my...


(Second Verse)

When I see other Caddys, I just laugh and shine

Cuz they don't have the boom, that I have hooked in mine

My Caddy is so loud, some neighborhoods ban me

But it just makes it easier for me to get in panties

I wash it everyday, and then I go get crazy

With the hats over our eyes we step, then we go get ladies

Freaky Freddie's in the ride, my number one ace

Peelin' hard in the back of the car with major bass

Cuz it's my....


(Bridge One)!!!!!

10 E-B 12's, yeah holmes it's a winner

10 E-B 12's, rag top and five stars

10 E-B 12's, with the boom in the trunk

10 E-B 12's, so you know I raise Hell

(Third Verse)

My brougham's real deep, yeah holmes it's a winner

Cuz when a girl sees it, I just chalk and go up in her

And all night long, she's tryin' to treat me at the bar

I don't know if it's my crush, rag top, or five star

With the boom in the trunk, I'll take out any punk

Who are scared and won't admit, they could never get with

The bass, hittin' hard, it put you in a spell

10 E-B 12's, so you know I raise Hell

In my...


[25 seconds of ad-libs]

Chorus til' fade

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