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Mani Dots Feat. Shahan "Koke" Awan – Navy Blue lyrics

Navy Blue (Feat Shahan "Koke" Awan

(Mani Dots) at first I had it all / and now nothing at all / the evil in our minds / the beauty in this world / the evil in our minds / the beauty in this world / but when the sun is rising up / come close it'll burn us up / dead end I have no clue / it's dark I'm feeling blue-ue / na-vy blue-ue / blue-ue-ue / I'm feeling navy blue-ue / blue-ue-ue

You got me feeling blue, blue, blue, blue, blue-ue-ue-ue / like the water blue, blue, blue, blue, blue-ue-ue-ue / the worlds hoping to find us / the moments all remind of / you-ou-ou-ou, ou-ou-ou, now fuck I'm / blue-ue-ue-ue / ue-ue-ue / blue-ue-ue-ue /

Verse 1
(Shahan "Koke" Awan) some bonds are meant to stay / some bonds are meant to break / some shit goes wrong and things disintegrate / I feel like I'm trapped in this unwanted place / don't wake/ a sleeping giant / feel like / I'm made of iron / don't test a leaping giant / I feel like an angel spread my wings and start flying / when shit goes wrong I'm in a corner just crying / sometimes I don't know who the fuck I am / tears running down my face / don't wanna be in this place / I don't know what to do / so I'm feeling navy blue / (Mani Dots) blue



Verse 2
The shit I been through / shit I seen it all / I just look in they eyes I could see through they soul / ima giant / I'm tryna have it all if not I guess I'm trying / there's a thin line between relations I applied 'em / I came from the bottom which I came from the dirt / wore a pair for a year see the stains on the shirt / I don't talk about guns but pop off ima merk / I try to stay sane try not to go bazzurk / I look for the light but I stay in the dark / now I got heart enough / not to have a heart / not to have a heart / I wished I had a heart /



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