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Mani Dots – Rock On lyrics

Rock On

Get on the dance floor show me what you got / and turn it up a notch and / rock on / pour a little drink / fuck what they think / drink 'til you sink / come on now rock on / get a little loose / do what you do / move how you move now / rock on / from night to the morn / we can get it on / I'll rock out as long as you rock on / I'll rock lets roll / get on the floor / take off your clothes / rock on lets go / you rock I'll roll / I'll get on the floor / I'll take off my clothes / I'll rock on lets go /

Verse 1
Drama pop in the club motherfucker dead it / prolly hit 'em with a guitar... Jeff Jerrett / stomp 'em in they face till they get embedded / put it in their minds that I'm hot till they fucking get it / do you get it, get it / they can not do shit until I'm with it, with it / tryna live it up which I'm living, living / a winner is a winner so I'm winning, winning / so forget and dead it / I'm tryna party tonight so don't think ima punk / I party all day like I came right out the slum / if you making some / I'm the one that's making a lump / know me Mani Dots and I'm making it jump / and I want you baby with the junk in the trunk / you got me going crazy way you making it bump / I want Myspace Tom please / its-my-time so time please /


Verse 2
Jaws drop motherfucker when I'm in the spot / you the opposite of bands 'cause you never gonna rock / fly like the birds you might think we in a flock / and I'm sorta like the red light I'm always on the top / little did you know ima rockstar bay-bah / if it come to beef ima pop star bay-bah / yeah I make ya top drop bay-bah / wanna get with me I'll make the drop top bay-bah / and I got reach like a boxer bay-bah / and I keep it brief fuck boxers bay-bah / and I know my way like a compass / but I'm hard to find like the lockness / if you got questions I got answers / hard English I roll with the gang-sters / I'm grown with it I promise / dance floors where ya find us so /


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