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Mani Dots – How About It lyrics

Yeah, baby let me know what you tryna do / anything that you want, I got it, no trick status baby / lets do it /

Verse 1
Me... Make the world go bonkers / name is Mani Dots but they know me for a monster / yeah, baby you can be my accomplice / ride with me baby we can get something accomplished / scarf in the air / you aint a cheerleader, make you scream "oh yeah" / only if you care / lets pop champagne, baby put down the beer / we balling out here / I aint Bruce Wayne but you can come to my lare / I am something you can keep / don't mess with them dudes 'cause they jokers like Heath / stupid 'bein chod' I'm in it to win it sorta like a game show / when I'm in I go hard / got a razor in my mouth 'cause I talk too sharp / and I'm sorta like a shark / and they dogs let 'em bark / so ima let 'em bark / then I rip through them like a wire, that is barbed /

You want it / come how 'bout it / you hypnotic / and erotic / so come ride it / how 'bout it / how bout it / how 'bout it / drinks in the glass baby (I got it) / smoke in the stash baby (I got it) / burn a little stack baby (I got it) / how 'bout it

Verse 2
You can't see me 'cause I'm like thin air / looking for your daddy now bitch I am here / I am fresh to death no caskets / son mother fuckers call themselves bastards / you more like a slave I'm ya master / I bless 'em when I come like a pastor / type of dude squeeze first ask after / you dudes make me cry in laughter / having you swimming with the fishes and I see below / while you looking on top and I see below / I'm ahead of the game and you be below / enough of this baby girl lets keep it on the low / I'll give you all the bottles bump looking for a cup / I'm looking to get locked up if you got cuffs / as long as you can take it low and get me up / I can be your horsey, gitty up /


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