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Maceo – Hoe Sit Down lyrics

Maceo lyrics

Hoe Sit Down

When a maggot hoe get in ya face talkin dat shit
What ya 'gon do pimpin?!?!?!
Is you 'gon ball up like a bitch
Or is you 'gon stand up like a man?
You know what I want you to do?
Tell dat hoe sit down!!!!

hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down!
Hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)
hoe sit down! (Hoe sit down)

[1st Verse: Maceo]
I don't need you hoes, jumpin all around
steppin on my shoes, knocking liquor down
Please give me space, let me see yo face
checkin out yo features, if you fine you can stay
Chillin at the bar, eyes on the crowd
looking for them girls looking cute not wild
Hoes like my style, they be jockin hard
jumpin round the club, actin like some lil boys
I be grippin toys, killing all the noise
target practice on, and I'm ready for some war
niggaz they be stoppin, sittin down watchin
Know they can't stop it, now they wanna cop it
Brotha by my side, you know that he got me
buckin on these lames, cause they game sloppy
Hoe pay attention, play yo position
young Maceo taking nothin from these bitches


[2nd Verse: Marco]
Hoe sit down, every time I come around
you hollerin, screamin, jumpin up and down
Jump around me hoe, I'ma hit ya wit a bow
knock ya down, and don't give a fuck if you get up hoe
But if ya calm down, we can chill and talk a while
have a conversation, let imaginations run wild
But if you don't though, Marco gotta let you go
cuz one thing he can't stand is a fuckin wild hoe
Don't get it twisted though, just had to let you know
how a real nigga from dat Kirkwood light hoes
Can't be slutty though, gotta be on point folk
in a minute all the hoes 'gon know how to flip (whoa)
We roll deep so, y'all better stay low
fuck around and catch blows, better go and call yo folk
Chopper bullets rang out, now everybody on da floor
So all dat jumpin 'round crunk shit, man let it go


When a maggot hoe get in ya face...
Is you 'gon ball up like a bitch?

Hoe sit down!! [x9]

[3rd Verse: Maceo]
Tell them sucka niggaz, sit they ass down
musty in da club while they jumpin all around
Boncin all around while they muggin up and down
if they get some pussy then they maybe settle down
Can't get a hoe, now he wanna fight
try to holla at hoes, you ain't got ya game tight
Breath stank, you stank, body look nasty
Guess what I told him when that lame walked pass me

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