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Maceo – God's Soldier lyrics

Can you feel me? I keep it real in these streets
Until they kill me, 'cause you can go anyday.
I don't know, life's cold, looking over my shoulder
Everywhere I go, I'm God's soldier
You gotta feel me! I keep it real in these streets
Until they kill me, 'cause you can go anyday
I don't know, life's cold, looking over my shoulder
Everywhere I go, I'm God's soldier

My life means too much, I just can't let it slip away
I ain't ready to go, so look it's no time to play
Don't nobody know when you leavin, it comes unexpected
I wish somebody would tell me, when it's right next to me
You know it's gonna happen dawg, you can't stop it
God said it will, shit you can't knock it
I wonder how it feels when you know you leavin here
I ain't scared of shit, but death is my biggest fear
Sometimes I question God, and ask him why I gotta go
But if it's up to me dawg, I'd never go
And to my folks gone, I meet you at the crossroads
Until then I'm gettin paper till I'm grey and old
Man you gotta understand that this shit is real
You was put here to die, so how you really feel?
Heaven or hell, think about it where you goin
Death is like winter time, man it's all goin

If I'd leave right now, how the hell would my momma feel
Would she go in shock, die to? , this shit is real
I wonder how you feel when you know it's right by
And if you do, does your soul go sky high?
Does your soul see your body layin on the ground
And if it does, how would you feel if you're happy now?
See in the split second dawg, you can fall out
Heaven or hell was near, so nigga ball out
Life is too short to be trippin over bullshit
People tell you that, but y'all you gotta feel this
Sit back and reminisce and think how your folks died
This shit is a everyday thing, it happens worldwide
If you was put here to die, what was you here for?
And all I'm sayin is the discover what you here for
And that's some real shit dawg, for me and you
And I'm just speakin of some shit, that's really true.

Picture life as a game of chess
'cause every move is critical in this life of stress
I came from a long road to a hard time
My momma full of stress, I can see it in her eyes
And even though my popps never ever did a thing
I still kept my head up and my nuts let 'em hang, cause I'm a grown man
I kept it real in the streets 24/7, 365 blood sweat and tears and still steppin
A soldier deep in the gangs feelin this pain
For many years stackin some change, hopin for fame
Been plenty nights, askin God why my uncle Jack
I know I can't, but if I could I'd bring you back
My cousin killed hisself, God what you thinkin of?
Got two kids and a wife and just turned out the door
I prayed to Christ every night asked him ease the pain
And help me keep my head straight before I go insane

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