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Lord Of The Rings – The Ents (Featured In Isengard Unleased) lyrics

Rithannen I geven
Thangen I harn~
Na fennas I daur
Ol dыare ristannen
Eryn echuiannen
I ngelaidh dagrar
Ristar thynd, cъa tawar
Dambedir enyd I ganed
Si linna I waew trin ylf
Iso I dur I chuiyl
I ngelaidh dagrar

Earth shakes,
Stone breaks
The forest is at your door
The dark sleep is broken
The woods have awoken
The trees have gone to ward
Roots rend, wood bends
The Ents have answered the call
Through branches now the wind sings
Feel the power of living things
The trees have gone to war

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The Ents (Featured In Isengard Unleased) meanings

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    Tibori Andrei
    I just love the idea these lyrics portray that of the nature to fight back against the disrespectful and greedy industrialization and also to keep itself pure and sacred how it should be. Whenever I watch the Ents, Treebeard, the Great Eagles or Beorn, these ancient guardians of nature, I get chills because they are so powerful, epic and wise. And their life is so relaxing and calm when they just wander and explore Middle-earth, but also honourable and epic when they defend the forests.
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