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Lord Of The Rings – Pippin's Song lyrics

"Home is behind the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow to the edge of night
Until the stars are all

Mist and shadow
Cloud and
All shall fade
All shall

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    I think the first line "home is behind, the world ahead" id talking aboutvhaving to leave their homeband ho on the quest and pippin also sang it because he knew that the men the king sent out would die and few would retu. And the "all shall fade is refering to elves leaving.
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    This is actually a hobbit mourning song. It talks about how the world you once were a part of is gone, and how you now you are off to go see Mandos. The fuirat verse of the song is about traveling to the afterlife, and the second verse is about how the world behind you fades. Pippin sings it because he knows that most of those men that Denathor sent out are going to die.
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    I think the song is literally about the hopelessness of their journey, the certainty it will end in death for all. It is a despairing song. Beloved home is behind, the ever-darkening world is ahead - and there are many paths to tread - choices to make. (Recall Frodo telling Gandalf he wished the ring had never come to him. "So do all men who live in such times, but that is not for them to decide. What you nave to decide is what to do with the time you are given") .
    Pippin sees their road getting darker and darker until it is fully nighttime, at which point death will cause everything and everyone to fade. And it has a more universal application here, for all things pass thus.

    Yet the ending could be construed as positive, though not the way Pippin sings it. When you arrive at the very edge of darkness, the stars alight. And it is this light that chases away mist and shadow, cloud and shade. If the song is understood in this way, we can see Pippin desperately trying toimagine a positive outcome, despite his conviction at the moment that all will fade. It's very lovely, and so well-placed in the movie. Imagine making 3 flawless movies in a row.
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    There are two meanings to Pippin's Song - the literal meaning refers to travelling and literally leaving home; that being, the journey away from the Shire. The other meaning is a lot deeper and more thoughtful, representing a forced loss of innocence, which is exactly what Pippin is undergoing. Remember, Pippin is the youngest of the four hobbits (27 to 28 years old, about 14 to 15 in human years) and so is technically not yet of age and the Quest has more or less forced him to leave his innocence behind him and to grow up.

    The song is also representational of the lives that are about to be lost in battle, and Pippin is aware of this, which is why he sings it. Again, this ties into the loss-of-innocence theme because he has never been exposed to hardship before in his life.
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    I feel this song is not as sad as most people would think. To me it sounds happy, full of hope, and wonder of what the world will bring. Leaving dark times in the past, and dying after living a long and happy life. It reminds me of the adventure and mystery of exploring, thee wonders of the world. Whether they are good or bad, pushing on till you reach your destination. It sounds like a lullaby, something that would leave someone dreaming of great adventures, full of magic, and wonder. This is a perfect summery of the travels of the fellowship, full of trial, and hardship. But they pushed on, to what seemed like the end of all things. But then, things became better, and all the darkness faded as they shifted into the future.
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