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Lo Fidelity Allstars – How To Operate With A Blown Mind lyrics

(spoken into a dictaphone)
Taking the lord's name in vain
Cos I'm steppin' out on the streets again
Cos I'm tortured by demons, winged beasts and carrions
The air is alive with dagger and poisons
Almost moving me to tears
But you and I both know, the streets are paved with fears
Severe mental fog
Regan's a mad killer dog
London lives up it's arse
These horrors have surely come to pass
I'm twitchin' and sweatin' on the front line
And man's a monster
He's a monster in his own time
He's a monster
I've seen dagger and poison fall
We're fallin'
And carnage rules
So search your heart
And tear it apart
Rip it apart
Hydra-headed fear
Is all around here
You're under attack
It seems like you've learnt to live in a bubble
But imagine the trouble
When you fall from your wall and burst your balloon
Cos it'll happen soon
(yeah it's gonna fuckin' happen soon)
Steppin' out on the streets again
Taking the lord's name in vain
Almost moving me to tears
What you and I both know
The streets are paved with fears
Electric congestion
Kamikaze pedestrians
What's it all mean?
Can't juggle with jesus
Dirty green sea
Naked reality
Flapping like a trapped bird
In the 7-11
You're under attack
Then you'll see
Man's your own worst enemy
Peoples hopes and fears
You know they seem
People's hopes and dreams
You know they seem
So out of reach to me
You know they seem so out of reach to me

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