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Lil Cory – Wild Boy lyrics

Yea bitch, yea bitch, I got that steel-o
Yea bitch, yea bitch, I got that steel-o
I'ma a thug nigga, I'm a I'm a thug nigga
Fuck a zone I need an elbow

West-Side Bama wild boy (I'm a west-side bama wild boy)
My bitch is Sicilian and my team here right now boy
You about to hit tha ground boy
As soon as you hear the sound boy

Came from a violent town boy
An my dogs be like get down boy

All I know is ima keep anything if it sells
All I know is inside of my whip is caramel

I am unstoppable you couldn't keep me in Hell
Bitch I'm in Bama gettin weed by da bale

Came from da street but I did it by myself
I'm smokin on tha weed, bitch you smokin on tha stale

Can't nobody fuck wit me, cuz I got my own malitia
Send some roses up to ya mama house cuz ya know she gonna miss ya

I'm a wild boy, I'm a I'm a wild boy,
A-K choppa spray bitch a wild one

All I know is I could do anything by myself
Gimme any beat an Ima knock it off tha shelf

Hatin on me bitch you hatin on ya self
Think I give a fuck what the hell you felt?

Stuntin on them bitches like a nigga playin chess
All up in tha game lookin five steps ahead

Mixtape's free but shit don't look at me, when I'm askin for some money cuz a nigga gotta eat.

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