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Lifter Puller – Nice Nice lyrics

Night club dwight can take a negative vibe and then
Infuse it with the positive youth
Night club dwight can take a little white lie and
Confuse it with a meaningless truth
One night dwight he got a little bit toothy now they
All call him the good doctor tooth
One night dwight got all goofy on the roofies now they
All call him the fiddler on the roof

It's never just the hefenrefer, it's never just the
Bartles and james
The wine tastes like propane, stains wash right out in
The white rain
And if landsdowne's like a lariat, then the nice nice
Is a noose
And the positive youth's shootin hoops slippin roofies
In your jungle juice

When night club dwight starts to talk about us gettin
Some rocks
He ain't talking 'bout the ice cubes
When night club dwight starts to talk about gettin some
He ain't talking 'bout the ice cubes
When night club dwight starts to talk about the ice he
Ain't talkin 'bout the frozen water
He's talkin 'bout the diamonds and where we can find
Them and who we can sell em to and stuff like that

Hey bright eyes are your synapses dimed
That's not just cork that's floatin round in your wine
The drinks taste like pantene, the visine wipes clean
All the bad dreams
If landsdowne's like a lariat, then the nice nice is a
Yeah we don't go on dates we go out in big groups with
The roofies in our jungle juice

Remember jenny back from I like the lights she said
Well I like you dwight but I don't like the pipe
The things that you put in your pipe like your life
Now jenny missed her ride and she's takin off her
In the back seat of some taxi
We went from upstairs at the nice nice up to franklin
Up by 15th
And jenny got dressed as they circled the block
They did the secret knock and stuck their hands through
The mail slot
And one, two, three, four, that's the way that jenny

And it's never just the liquor alone, and now we're
Prayin that you'll pick up the phone
Return all these pages yeah this party's outrageous
Everyone left and now the crash is contageous
And the ravers they rose up right in unison
Attacked the bathroom and ransacked all the medicine
Pills administered just like communion
This is the body and the blood and the love and the
Blacklights on your white tights
The clubs are just like caves, these club kids are just
Slaves and these afterbars are just like their graves
It's the end of the night and now jenny's creepin back
To the east end
Shot through with the sunlight

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