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Leviticus – Elijah On Carmel lyrics

The king of Israel had abandoned
The Lord's commands
And had followed the baals
And the Queen had killed the prophets of the Lord
And she lived with the prophets of baal
Just one of the Lords prophets was left
And that was Elijah
A true prophet from God
He went before the people and said:

How long will you waver between - two opinions?
How long will you stand on both sides?

I'm the only one of the Lords prophets
But baal has four hundred and fifty
Get two bulls, let them choose
One for them and one for me
Let them cut in pieces and put it on the wood
But not set fire on it
I will prepare the other bull and put it on the wood
But not set fire on it

Then you call on the name of your god
And I will call on the
Name of the Lord
The god who answers by fire he is God, he is the Lord
The baals prophets began
And they called on baal from morning till noon
They shout louder and louder and louder
And they get no answer, no

Elijah arranged the wood, cut the bull
And laid it on the wood
Fill four large jars with water
And pour it on the offering and the wood
Do it again, do it a third time
Let it be known today that You are God
The fire of the Lord fell
And burned up everything

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