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Laquan – Soul Soloist lyrics

[ VERSE 1: Laquan ]

Soloist, yo, I'm a pro at this

Lay back and relax, that's how I go at this

You gotta be dope, no joke, you must go for the kill

Cause only the strong survive in this field

What I'm a new jack? Well, you can call me that

I'm not new to the skill but I'm new to the wax

Lett's on the mix, does tricks with his hands

Stretch the flex, then I expand like a rubberband

Chumps that drip will get stomped you bet

Get out of line, step up, I fly your head like a jet

I gotta protect myself and what I rightfully own

It's mine, you try to steal you get thrown

You're in my zone, the lone zone, so make a U turn

You're messin with the flame you're gonna get burned

Call me Laquan the superior vocalist

Identified as a soul soloist

(My only weapon is the)


[ VERSE 2: Laquan ]

Listen up, the concept is rippin up

The mic I'm grippin up, I refuse to let up

So shut up, you're like provokin me to nut up

DJ's sweat when Let begins to cut up

My tolerance is limited, so watch your mouth when you speak

Step up, you get swept up off your feet

Petrfied when I ride, the mic is amplified

So you can hear me with clearity

I peel caps in my rap, I pack a mic like a pistol

My weapon's my pencil, a poet's utensil

And when it's empty I fall back and reload

Let it build up and let it explode

Dwell inside my pattern, brother, you're stranded

Handcuff the bandits, they're like scandalous

Get into this, deep into this, step to this

And like the wind I'ma breeze through this

Jam and ride with it as it slams

Cool Laquan, yeah, that's who I am

(My only weapon is the)


[ VERSE 3: Laquan ]

We're still in movement, so don't stop stoppin

The pace is kept in a swing perspective

A mellow swing is how I like to go when I flow

Because I'm comfortable with the tempo

Often I'm asked what's the reason for this

Because you're teethin for this and it's the season for this

Questions, questions, I'm hounded with questions

So I throw the answers at your direction

Draggin the suckers for not movin enough

You think I'm puffin a bluff, well keep pressin your luck

Real with this is how I deal with this

Straight as a drill with this, I show skill in this

Stay on the look-out, fall asleep, I take your head out

If that doesn't work I step back and let lead out

Now I'ma show that I can do what a crew can do

As a soul soloist

(My only weapon is the)


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