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Kurupt & Roscoe – It's Jimmy lyrics

[Children speaking]

Jimmy Bones

[Kurupt & Roscoe]

Oh yeah, this is really, really real baby

Really, really real, yeah

Let me tell ya something, J-I-M-M-Y

This is about a real nigga, real nigga

Jimmy Bones, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy

Jimmy Bones, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy


They say the J-I-M-M-Y the B-the O-N-E-S, it's Jimmy

Jimmy Bones motherfucker, it's Jimmy

Get cha' chrome motherfucker, it's Jimmy

They say the J-I-M-M-Y the B-the O-N-E-S, it's Jimmy

Jimmy Bones motherfucker, it's Jimmy

Get cha' chrome motherfucker, it's Jimmy

[Verse 1]

This is a tale, a serious tale

About a real motherfucker with a serious bale

With a serious limp, conversation of a pimp

Big Jimmy Bones, in a class of his own

He used to roam around the streets with a driver to drive him

And always kept a heated nigga right beside him

Jimmy Bones, he used to take care of home

Take care of his own, my nigga Jimmy Bones

You know what they say nigga (What's that)

Everything turns full circle

And the closest to you always hurts you

Hop out the cars and bail down the streets

Helpin' families to eat, like it's supposed to be

Back stabbers, they come a dime a dozen

They can be as close to you as your brothers and cousins

Take the nigga out the hood but not the hood out the nigga

Twittlin' the switch blade, Jimmy Bones nigga


[Verse 2]

This is a tale, a serious tale

About a serious nigga with a serious bale

With a serious limp, he's a serious pimp

Jealous niggas might try to twist up

Twist a pimp, try to twist shit like licorice sticks

Mad at what they don't have, mad at what they do get

Actin' like niggas really do shit

Shit, bust just like a Mercedes

Jimmy Bones, got all the ladies

But dames is nothin'

Look, let me show ya something

All that really mattered to J.B. was home

His woman super bad, Misses Jimmy Bones

His homie came with game, so refreshin' and fine

Jimmy said, that's yo dream, that ain't mine

Tryin' to take him out the hood with plots and schemin'

Jimmy said you can go, I ain't never leavin'

Ol' sucker ass nigga in cahoots with the police

Crooked than a motherfucker, tryin' to control the streets

So they twisted up, ol', slim Jim

And so you ain't get twisted, made em' all join in

That's the police for ya, crooked as a lawyer

And really can't do a got damn thing for ya

When he went to the meeting, his homies there, the police there

Another nigga there, his woman there the only one that cares

But still, twist went down

Oh shit, niggas better watch out now


[Verse 3]

Jimmy's revenge, he's been gone for years,

It's been known for years

And since Jimmy's been gone

Everybody's done grown

Houses and homes, some have four kids

And some planned for a future to have more kids

Some doin' the same shit, and some petrified

All except one better be glad Jimmy died

Threw Jimmy a bomb and still stayin' down

The soul still roams around through the Earth underground

Hell hounds nigga, lives ain't worth a quarter

Livin' life through animals, mothers, and daughters

This spot, you'll never ever touch again

You'll never leave once you walk in to Jimmy's Revenge

Yeah niggas Jimmy's back again

And this is a tale, a serious tale

About a serious nigga that you took for a joke

Thinkin' that a nigga was playin'

And deep inside, I can hear Jimmy's conscience sayin'

Am I overreactin', how am I supposed to be actin'

I feel like I should take more action

I found a new Bonnie and she's a loaded magnum

Yeah I love my heater, it's a fatal attraction

The dead don't die

But you will thinkin' that the lead won't fly

The truth will be known, exposed, and displayed

Eventually, for now I'm just sharpenin' my blade

You messin' with the J-I-M-M-Y the B- the O-N-E-S

It's Jimmy

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