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King Trill – Better Days lyrics

Verse 1: King Trill

Don't compare me to rapper dead or still living
Feel like my gift is Satan's curse but It's God given
Hard living made it hard for me to dodge prison
But I'm just trying to see my future pray that God willing
The new face of Hip Hop this is God's vision
I spit knowledge when I speak call it true religion
Flow tighter than rappers in skinny jeans
Lyrics will unthread your mind let me loosen up your seams
Seen poverty turn drug dealers to crack fiends
While Hip Hop destroyed the lives of our Black teens
Re-enacting what they see in movie scenes
Got them thinking they're all slaves
Don't understand they're Kings and Queens
But I just want to see my people grow
They're still starving in the hood I'm trying to feed them hope
While these streets trying to feed them dope
I'm trying to educate the youth on what they need to know

Hook 1: Song by LaTiffany Ivory

I'm still praying for a better day
There's got to be a better way
I'm just trying to keep my faith
Protect me from these devils

(repeat hook)
I'm still praying for a better day
There's got to be a better way
I'm just trying to keep my faith
Protect me from these devils

Verse II: King Trill

Fuck Hip Hop this is the rebirth of Black Power
We want everything they got lets make Black ours
The time is now call it the black hour
Water our seeds with knowledge call it the black shower
They told me I wouldn't make it but I'm still here
Future kind of blurry but it's still clear
Voice of the youth the one they still fear
Everything I spit is real this how we still live
Success didn't add nothing but more stress
More money, more problems, more complex
New deals, new faces just new checks
I bought a housing complex moved out the projects
I'm just trying to progress
Money ambitions got my people living heartless
And we still living jobless
Ain't shit changed they still treat us like we are garbage

Hook II: LaTiffany Ivory

Outro: King Trill

And we gone rise up even when the sun fall
Protected by the truth f_ck laws
A renegade that means I'm still riding for the cause
Political prisoners Outlaws

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