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Key Of Awesome – Lady Gaga Vs. Lord Gaga lyrics

Lady Gaga (gaga)
And Lord Gaga (gaga)
Lady Gaga (gaga)
And Lord Gaga (gaga)

Lady gaga:
It's the future, and everything is wierd
Check out this guy, he's got a metal beard
I give good headaches, I'll make you scream
Is this reality or just a fever dream?
I like to jerk and twist, this is how I dance
It's cold in here, may I please put on some pants?

Metal beard entourage

Lord gaga:
Chic, freak, sister fierce
Work those bitchy gams
Those were just some words
That only gay men understand

Lord and lady:
Blah blah blah, hoo hoo hee
Everybody look at me
Random stuff, random stuff
Tell me have you had enough?

If I love you and you love me
Then baby how can we go wrong
This chorus doesn't have anything to do
With the rest of the song

Lord gaga:
Completely unrelated

Lady gaga:
Lady Gaga (gaga)

Lord gaga:
And Lord Gaga (gaga)

Lord and lady:
Sometimes we like to sing like we are underwater

You think you're weird, girl, but I'm wierder than you
Let me tell of the wierd things that I like to do
Yesterday I went to church and made-out with a nun(oh)
Then I went up to the roof and stared into the sun(ouch!)

That is pretty wierd but I think I got you beat
I like to wear bathing suits made out of raw meat

I put on a tuxedo before I go to bed
I send out birthday cards to people who are dead

(Sings in raspy voice) I like to eat brillo pads that's how I got this voice

Sometimes I like to cut myself but it's a fashion choice

Lord and lady:
If I love you and you love me
Then baby how can we go wrong?
We're totally making this s*** up as we go along

(Says in raspy voice) I might've overdone it

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