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Kes Tokyo – That's What I Want lyrics

Verse 1

Its a jump off, a killing's what I meant yall
Doing this since I was in my momma said I never kicked off
I guess I was still thinking bout the way I'm gonna kill yall
Its K. E. S-T. O. K. Yo that's Tokyo for the dollo
Call the popos, cause I'm bout to blast anything that on my eye ball
You say that this shit's wack then I guess its gonna pay off
Man I don't just rap, I just do it for my own clothes and own glows you know those?

All up in the block, nigga I will never stop
Hustle to the top like I'm beefin with the Gods
Man this nigga bout to pop, no champaign, I'm bout to blow
Drinkin souda, Coca, callers shouldn't bother, they should stop
I guess I'll have to change my numbers cause these Bz buzz a lot
Man they play me on they ear drums, parties, in the parking lots
Wearing fly shit, man to wear this you just have to be on top
Dope shit, so ill, Louis. V that's what I want


That's what I want! That's that I want!
That's what I want! That's what I want!
That's what I want! That's what I want!
That's what I want! That's what I want!

Verse 2

Ah! Pull up in that Lambo whip
Man I swear I want that shit
And I wanna buy my momma crib and some other shit
And that girl with that tight ass with some double Dz
And some fans that's bound to carry me when they envy me
I'm so dope, you noticed it?
If not you're a dummy deal
Ima put you in the hood without taking you physically
Put ak mentally
Spray your head, Easy E
Make you like you got some jerry curls when your brains is split

Chicks like my D, man I swear they loving it
Love it like Mcdonalds recipe spilled all over me
Man ain't no mistaking me
K. E. S Talk your shit
The way I got em screaming you would swear they watching Tokyo Drift
Kes be making moves for his city repping Port Eli
Won't stop till I make it big
Please B don't mind me
Ex don't think bout me
When you see me on tv, you be like I know that G, your friend be like yeah that's him :)
That's when you'll start to front like the bumper B
Well yeah that's what I want, plus ain't no stopping it
I wanna be the best thing you ever met and its time to get that paper like my last name was Sexwale shit
Have my name on big posters like the president
Drive machines you never met like an alien
Finer things, bigger jewlers all over my wrist
I'll make sure I get it and see who be hating on me B

Get Em!
Get Em!
Get Em!
Get Em!.... Uh!

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