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Karim Diane – Refund lyrics

Get ya man right here for free 99.
Ladies want a bum then get in line. (x4)

Swee-ee-ty, You need to ditch that mess, come get with me!
Unwrap what's inside, you'll find some chocolate candy!
I know my love may be a bit more costly,
But it's quality, and you wont regret it.

(Bridge 1)
Girl you know you need to bring that mess of a man back.
Seems you got him off the sale rack!
Hope you got the reciept!
Go get that refund, and come her roll with me!

(Bridge 2)
Ooh! Ay! Bring it back get a refund, get a refund! (x4)

Get yourself a refund (get yourself a refund) (x4)

[Verse 2:]
Swee-ee-ty, sorry, ya dude it seems he's expired!
There really ain't no need in trynna' get him rewired!
I know he got you feelin sick and tired.
Not quality, so you better forget it.

(Bridge 1)
(Bridge 2)

[Verse 3:]
Cummon sweety, this aint good times!
You need better than a one bedroom apartment, you a dime!
So fine, divine, you needa get rid of him.
Come with me, you get so excited you'll need that ridilin.

Cuz I can show you things you aint never seen before.
I'll be outside in the coupe right when you walk out of the door.
Or walk back to ya man where the cash is steep.
He'll take you back to shoppin in the China Town Streets.

It's your choice, go with cheap or go with me.
But you needa know my mess is of the highest quality.
Don't blame it on me, just blame it on the swagg.
All I need is 10 minutes and I got you in the bag.

I can't help it, just the way I roll,
Cuz my swagg on point, and my wrist so cold.
I can't help it, just the way I roll,
Cuz my swagg on point, and my wrist so cold.

(Bridge 1)
(Bridge 2)

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