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Karim Diane – Buy Your Own Drink lyrics

(Uh) Yah. Yah! (uh)
Uh... Yah! Uhh... (yeah! )

(1st verse)
Bout a quarter past three,
Trynna get me to buy you a drink.
Yah you thought you had it bagged, for sure.
You must not own a mirror.

But it's not just the looks...
It's the stank attitude you took!
Like as if it's my job to treat you.
(Save Vicci's Secret for the next dude! )

Please move back a few steps or two.
Not gon' pay for you (you).
You! (you)
Not gon' pay for you!

Baby girl, you's a big girl. Independent!
Buy your own drink! (drink)
Buy your own drink, drink, drink, drink! (x2)

(2nd Verse)
Work hard afternoons...
Just to be spending money on you?
You not getting a cent out of me!
Baby you look SO thirsty! (haha)

Sweety, you look parched. (parched)
Sorry, but don't take this to the heart, yah!
But you need to count the nickels and dimes in your purse.
(That's the only way you gonna quench your thirst! )


No you not that fly!
No you not that tight!
Plus your attitude stank!
And your hair not right?
Girl buy your own drink.
Yah buy your own drink.
Girl buy your own drink.
Yah buy your own drink. (x2)

(Hook) x2

Yah... Yah! Yah.
Uhhh... Yah! Uhhh... (yah)

Buy your own drink!
Buy your own drink!
Buy your own drink!
Drink... drink, baby, buy your own drink!

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