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Justin Sane – Thanks For The Letter (From A Kinder, Gentler Amer lyrics

Laying in my bed tonight
Before I give myself up to write this song
2 am, paper-pen, contemplating
The struggle we're engaged in
Does anybody really even care?
But then I thought of your letter
And I knew better

So I'll do it again
Yeah, I'll sing it again
For my family,
My friends,
The kids!

Thanks for the letter that you sent
Reminding me not to give in

"Dear punk-rock star,
I'm just kidding but I like to call you that
Now and then, just for fun.
I like your attitude
I like your songs
I've been a really big fan
Since I can remember when

See, there's sometimes when I feel really alone
'Cause I don't really have any friends
And I don't fit in at school
The gym coach call me a fag in front of the entire class
So now everyone puts me down by saying I'm gay
But I don't care,
Because I don't have nothing against homosexuals
And the gym teacher is an asshole
I think the things you say are important
Thanks a lot,
Keep fighting... "

Thanks for the letter that you sent
Reminding me not to give in

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