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Jormen Carr – No Te Quiero Perder lyrics

No te quiero perder
Eres mi mujer
No te quiero perder
Puedo enloqueser

1st verse
{Jormen Carr}
Uh Uh Uh Uh
I swear that we used to be the cutest couple
But I guess nothing is forever
You moved on and found somebody new and just to tell the true I hope you do change for the better
Trynna act like it's what ever
Like you don't reminisce bout when we used to be together
I should had known better
I should had known better
I should had known you wasn't going to wait for me forever
Cuz you was looking for your Mr. Right
Either way you see it you don't deserve this, this isn't right
Saying that I changed that the fame had me feeling hype
Feel like I'm enjoying just too much of the city life
But when the shows over and the curtains closes
When the money goes, who will remain the closest?
Do you think of me baby girl and I promise
I ma change starting from tonight!
No te quiero perder
Tu eres mi mujer
No te quiero perder
Puedo enloqueser

2nd Verse
{Jormen Carr}
Uh Uh Uh Tomorrow
I ma act like nothing ever happened
I ma carry on with my life
(My Life)
I ma erase all your memories I ma get you out of my mind
(My mind)
But who in the heck am I kidding?
I'm not the one I used to be when you was with me
Time flies quickly and it's such a pity
That I couldn't appreciate your love when you was with me
I never played with your emotions
Cuz I saw your tears fall in the ocean
I know it was easy
I know you had leave me
But I guess I didn't give you another option
So tonight
Everything is gonna change
When gonna flip to a new page
Evolve to a new stage
See love in a new way
Wake up girl is a new day

No te quiero perder
Eres mi mujer
No te quiero perder
Puedo enloqueser

Mami dime tu
Y Como hacer
Para poder sin ti proseguir no oo
Dime tu
Como puedo hacer
Dime tu
No te vallas babe
Uuyy no no no
Ohhh mmmm

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