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Joel Grey – If You Could See Her Thru My Eyes lyrics

M. C.:
I know what you're thinking
You wonder why I chose her
Out of all the ladies in the world
That's just a first impression
What good's a first impression
If you knew her like I do,
It would change your point of view-

If you could see her
If you could see her thru my eyes,
You wouldn't wonder at all.
If you could see her thru my eyes,
I guarantee you would fall
Like I did
When we're in public together,
I hear society moan,
But if they could see her thru my eyes,
Maybe they'd leave us alone.

How can I speak of her virtues?
I don't know where to begin.
She's clever, she's smart, she reads music,
She doesn't smoke or drink gin.
(Like I do)
Yet when we're walking together,
They sneer if I'm holding her hand,
But if they could see her thru my eyes,
Maybe they'd all understand...

Why don't they leave us alone?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you,
Is there a crime to fall in love?
Can one ever choose where our heats lead us?
All we as is "Ein biЯchen Verstдndnis", a little understanding!

Oh, I understand your objection,
I grant my problem's not small;
But if you could see her thru my eyes,
She wouldn't look Jewish at all!

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Submitted bydeiderique


  • MacBeth-TheMusical
    The song is about discrimination of interracial relationships. In the scene, the "Woman" Emcee sings about is presented as an actor in an ape suit. It is not until the final line in which it is revealed that the woman is actually Jewish. The message is to show that in the eyes of people caught up in the Nazi regime, a German in love with a Jewish person is just as bad as if they where in love with an animal.
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