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Job For A Cowboy – The Divine Falsehood lyrics

I stood in the sand from the mouth of the sea
And I watched a serpent rise from it's depths
Upon his horns rested ten crowns as the discord of trumpets grew unnerving
It's perception giving an overruling mentality of authority and supremacy,
All dwellers of earth shall pray and worship this form of a single demon

Whose names are not written in ink or blood
In the book of the life of the Lamb.
Shall be slain from the foundation of this declining and now decaying world

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Submitted bygabecrimson


  • j
    I love the simplicity of the meaning and purpose of this song, along with how they played, matching the strength, overbearing power and intensity of the lyrics. I'm not one to be religious, but just having the sense of perspective from a religious point of view, and understanding the relationship between the demon and what will happen if you are not saved by a saviour, is powerful, because this can be applied to just about any situation with a great evil and has the ability to get to a safe haven. The serpent rising from depths refers to Satan uprising from hell, One key is the use of the word serpent in identifying this being as Satan, which serpent is as in a snake, which is the creature Satan posed as in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. The declining of the world is how it travels, descending into hell, whereas decaying of the world refers to the transformation into hell.
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  • u
    From what I can tell, he sees the beast (aka satan in earthly form) rise from the sea. Then all people on earth worship the beast whose names aren't written in blood or ink (can't remember what the diff between blood and ink is) in the book of the lamb which is those who have been saved by jesus christ. But those who have not been saved will face hell on earth and death.
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