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Job For A Cowboy – Embedded lyrics
An incision leads to the future of the new world
A mark buried deep under the skin and flesh will divide and distinguish man
Signatures implanted on the hands and forehead
Reoccurrence of modern times and scriptures
Testament to holy doctrines written in vital blood
In the extent all will hold something very similarly and accordingly
All will bear his name
With the distinct and original number of his signature
In a new world with suppressing technology
Lacerations lead to codes embedded in blood streams beneath the flesh
Currencies fuse together to form a solitary and overruling capital
Money evolves into cryptic letters and numbers that flow through the net
A conflagration set to diminish papered riches, depleting its masterdom
No longer capable of enslaving the likes of human kind from only
Presenting itself as a form of an object
Fragments of ash flow through the atmospheres currents
Onlookers breathe and inhale what they once worshipped.
The demons solution, a new world order.

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    Lol, so we don't already have the appearance of a man that strives to be the ultimate oppressor and it's not like were not already killing eachother, that's observed.
    yeah, the world is nearing it's end alright, yeah suree, so said the people from the 70s and 80s and the Y2k apocalypse and the claims that the world is bound to end in 2012 it's just something new for people to be afraid of. Everything is just a Hoax. Honestly, having a religious figure does give light and hope in people's hearts, but that doesn't make it true. And killall really has a point, Say you take any one person, bring them to instantaneous power and trust me, oh very well trust me they become the Antichrist, that is just the way people are made. Weather you like it or not, it's true. Also, your Bible has been written over and translated into about 200 languages over a base of 14, 000 years, and illusionary Correlation would just prove so well how everyone is fooled by people that lived 2-3k years ago. Seriously, if you can't be respectful and curtious about everyone else's religious beliefs, then you should deff not try and shove your beliefs down people's throats.
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    Killall873, are you an idiot? Look up satan look up what he does, how can you say that he's no more evilthan our closest friend or family, that's about as accurate as saying 2+2=1234. Satan has tempted people away from the path of holiness from the start. The times of the gentiles is near, the bible says Jerusalem will be trodden under foot until the times of the gentiles, the jews regained jerusalem for the first time in over 2000 years in 1948, it also says, the generation that starts to understand these things, will see christ's return. We have the technology to explain all of the things in the book of Revelation, the sea's turning "red like blood, and every living creature in the sea shall die" that can be explained by "the red tide" a microrganism that gives off an extremely toxic ppoison, and it turns the water red, all these things foretold thousands of years ago, being fulfilled. That was just one example since I'm too lazy to write for an hour about all the prophesies of Revelation. One last thing, the bible has over 2500 prophesies, so far 2000 and something have been fulfilled, in perfect order.
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      Lol, so we don't already have the appearance of a man that strives to be the... Read more →

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