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ISH – The Vows lyrics

(Yeah) (Yeah)
I've been in love before but nothing quite like this
I knew that I would love you more from the very first time we kissed (yeah)
I know you told me once or twice or more and it's something that I need to hear
I got some questions for you let me take some time to make it clear

If you ask me
Baby do you promise to open up and give me all of you
Imma say yeah
And if you ask me
Are you gonna hold me and give your love to only me
And Imma say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I love that we are able to share everything
And I love how we communicate especially
I really do appreciate the way you give me all your love
Whenever times get rough I know you won't be giving up

So when you ask me
Will you do some nice things for me don't you know that you're a queen to me
And Imma say yeah
Ooh and if you ask me
Will you let me save your life put in work until we make it right
And Imma say yeah

I can see the end from the beginning I know that we are winning
This love is no surprise it's filled with compromise
I show you love even when I know I'm right
Forever down Imma hold ya you can lean on my shoulder
Baby ours is a love so rare it goes beyond compare
So when you ask me Imma say yeah

Do you vow our love will never end are you gonna be my best friend
Imma say yeah
And if you ask me
Will I be the one you're aging with put your all in this relationship
And Imma say yeah
And if you ask me
Will you come with me to see the world give me time for just me and the girls
And Imma say yeah
And if you ask me
Will you let me see the game and will you make me scream your name
And Imma say yeah, yeah, ooh yeah

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