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Human Remains – Fragrance Of Souls lyrics

Unearthed form archaic catacombs
Raptured in curiosity
A vessel of it's iniquity
Releasing it's animosity
500 score monstrosities
Let loose from A broken shell
Relentless unperceived nightmares
An amancipated hell

Stoop not down therefore
Unto the darkly splendid world
Where in continually lieth A faithless depth
And hades then wrapped within the clouds
Delighting in unintelligible images
A light ever rolling abysmal
Continual spray of constant light
Of horrid afterlives
Of those who have passed before him

Formless as it enters his soul
Chest lacerated enroping with his viscera
What crime have I committed
What unknown god have I transgressed
Realization of the disfigured - distarted
Body now mutilated - taking on new form
Inscrutability to what was unleashed
Derogating the name of god
I am clothed in terror
I have found fear
The pain of augmented limbs
My rationalism is seared
The black earth is now my home
Wanderers from the abyss share my mind
Horror exist only for the mortal
Feelings decay with time

A wind has risen
The dark water stir
The loam turns cold
Fragrance of souls

Judgement growing weak
I've passed the seven gates
Deriding of my homeland
Now A servant to A mad god

The priest - brothers, the watchers - enemy,
The cosmos - mother, the elder - the gods

The tempter is my father, my body has liquified
Formless angel forever, the faceless gods are smiling

I am clothed in comfort, I have found love
The pain regeneration, my thoughts are seared
The black earth is now my home, wanderers from the abyss taste my love
Fear exist only for the mortal, because now I exist as fear

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