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House Of Krazees – Yaplayed Yaself lyrics

You played yourself
You played yourself
Look at them run and strain
Counting my change
They take aim I be game
I shoot to kill
They played themselves
For trying to take my only dolla bill
I'm scroungin up pennies and bottles
Da gob played my pockets feels way
But that's okay cuz I'm sceaming
But suckas playing they sell this is the season
For me to play the head hunta
Hunting heads for all the too big punks
That wanna my mental instead
I just go running and just ignore that
I got two months to live
Fofor messing and trying to be
This or dat now watch my back
Because they might try to jack
Fellas I thought was cool
Now they tring to swing the axe
And put my 6ft under ground
But I'm already under ground
With my terrifing sound
So step back yo if you value yo health
Ya played yo self
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
King of my seaman
I don't understand why they play'd they self
For where I'm from that's somethin bad for yo health
They say that it hit and they aint got no love
Well that's cool cuz I really don't want nothing
Keep to yo self
Don't try to down a brotha tryin to get up
I know I know
And this is why I am fed up
I give props to ones that deserve it
And for da way you play homeboy you aint worth it
But is he the only one
I don't think so
I remember some other fools that tried to play me like a
But now they all working for Atlanta
I tell them to scatta and get off of me
Cuz my pockets got much phatta
And that's true
And this here jam was made just for you
Ya played ya self
You played yourself
You played yourself
Screams and Dreams
From the public
Seems to cause downfalls
Of how many crews
Ya what'sup yall
It's like a one legged man and nothing
Kicking contacts you wanna flex
Bring me a fex
The sounds of life
Yall the midnight hour has come
To pay the price of the bill collector me son
Easy step to the top
No I doubt it
Its nothing but hard work
The house knows all about it
Pants be sagging
Bright big light coagging
Its no sell
I aint no motherf cotell
Ya played yo self
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself
You played yourself

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