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House Of Krazees – Season Of The Pumpkin Revisited lyrics

Destroyin' yo existence it's the season to be persistant my nigga needed
Assistance i was there in an instant the plot thickens in every track that we
Lay down systematic i'm bringin' static with my thunderous sounds get down,
While i be wreckin' with the highest of stunts and to the suckaz that hate us
Like hawaiian i punch ain't no replacement to the prior residence of my home i'm
The skrapz and for years i been spittin' alone smashin' pumpkins on stage in a
Rage a machine devilish fiends, wreckin' the detroit scene kickin' ass leavin
Stars on yo head from my converse chuck taylors size 10 and it hurts disperse the
Nonsense and fuck reminisn' premeditatin' a murder while y'all is out dissin'
Supportin' all the anger contaminatin' my veins my heart pulse beats to the drum
And it's strange! sol: no time to emphathize the reversal of rolls begins master
Pumpkin patcher back again identify yourself or be executed most disputed s.o.l.
Sol's still fuckin' foolin grabbin' extensions i'm bored squeezed with cords
Lights and eyes shine bright pumpkins smashin' on the floor bitch, got you on the
Run double barrel shotgun call the riot squad street sweeper pull it back run
Pumpkins launch like rockets nothin' can stop it i told y'all h.o.k. for life i'm
Still rockin' soarin through the sky like demons so close brain waves start
Speedin muredrous thoughts on this deadly season say i was washed up finished and
Gone and in yo tiny little brain you screamin home sweet home and i'm gone,
Location pumpkin street, vines they meet and greet we strangle holds and don't
Beware of the beast sucka! 16 measure break... skrapz: comin' from the east side
Bangin' on wax like i'm a crip makin' y'all straight up trip but get off my dick
I'm a rookie to a duo of a terrifying background and any mutha fucka step up, they
Betta back down i'm a neck strangla raised in the anger got a bitch and i'ma bang
Her get pregneant, coat hanger i ain't bull shittin' try me the skrapz is aid's
And you the common cold you'll never find me so blind me my eyes bleed from where
The tears come welcome to the new house bitch face yo fears and run it's the
Season ain't no other reason but halloween and to a fiend that's trick 'r' treatin'
And screams no what i mean i'm likin' pumpkins up whip em' at yo cut, devils night
Got you fucked up trick, and i'm a buck, buck, buck until you bleed and plant that
Ass in my yard like a seed sol: yeah! i'm scatterin' words like pumpkin seeds my
Mind speeds injectin' you sayin' please too late i had to freeze appearin' at times
Like gangrel you can't tell go through hell to rock the mic for the krazees well
I'm back, seasons get wickeed and all hockey masks outlasted past souls they fall
And ball snap they head off wit my carvin' knife then commence to saw until i get
Jack-o-lantern with no life the night time eases with a little breath myth sets
Over the rest while the pumpkin man sees yo death no request some say it's
In-humane, am i insane? or do i have the right to entertain is it a game or could
The message be took house of krazees the name so look the judge the book put me
Under the hook all the bad souls let em' fry, s.o.p. part 2 strapped on they head
Before they die!!!

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