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Honey Cocaine – That Wonton lyrics

She pass hoes, fuck it we gas hoes,
Heard you claim you... Smack me,
Let’s see how that goes.
Why you’re tryin to lie ‘bout it,
My street ass knows
No I never like to brag but pass me my gold
I got some twills on, coca the wrong wanna tell on
Fuck a label, put my cell phone,
Bitch got it paper through my cell phone,
For real.

This is why the mother hoes is under me,
Bring a fucking army, if you come from me,
... Fuck out if you wondering no feelings for you...
What the fuck you even done for me.

Uh, 40 hoes they al bomb,
Hungry bitch get your jump on,
Disrespect me and get stumped on
Bitch you heard about that wonton.
That wonton, that wonton,
I heard them bitches of that wonton
That wonton, that wonton,
Hold that at me for that wonton.

I heard it’s coka, getting stuck and you know
Honey whatever you like, I got it all for the low,
You respect me, I respect you bitch the drama is oh
If you push me in these over streets
I drop in front of your door,
Like knock knock, side snitching
Give a fuck bout what the cops got
It ain’t a game bring your ass to my top shop,
Like fuck the fame and fuck a top spot, bitch.
Devil all in my ear,
Hand all of my none, I’ve been fresh 20 years,
I should’ve seen the signs,... How they doubt of me,
Now the fuck is trying to... Is no hate but I fuck with you,
At least I’ll say look out for me,.


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