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Holiday Parade – Getaway lyrics


I take you in for just a while
Like how the coast line tends to smile
On the days,
With the waves, lemonade,
Quiz my heart, I still say,
A girl she came and caught my eye
About the third week of July
Turn around, and I found one more
And said "how bout' we get away?"


Strange how we choose our company
She runs her fingers down my cheek,
She has a thing for mixed Cd's
I think She's growing on me
I spent my days just passing through
Theses roads that lead from here to you
You're gravity is what pulls me through
I know she's growing on me


Trying to keep myself together now
Trying to keep my head locked on it
Trying to hold onto this love
I said how bout' we get away?

She's like the girls I used to see
In all those black and white movies
She's my Georgia royalty
And now she's growing on me
This girls the music in my room
Each day the reason why I move
She's the song that gets me through
Now she's growing on me

Chorus: (again)

Spent two weeks on fire
Can my hopes get higher?
We'll burn like the sunrise
It's changing my life

Chorus (2x)

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