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Hank Snow – I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail lyrics

I'm not in your town to stay said a lady old and gray
To the warden of the penitentiary
I'm not in your town to stay and I'll soon be on my way
I'm just here to get my baby out of jail
(Yes warden) you know I want my baby out of jail.

I tried to raise my baby right I have prayed both day and night
That he wouldn't follow the footsteps of his dad
I have searched both far and wide and I feared that he had died
But at last I found my baby here in jail
(Yes warden) you know it's good to find my baby here in jail.

It was five years today when my husband passed away
He was found eath the snow so cold and white
Made a vow to keep his ring his golden watch and his chain
But the county laid my husband in the grave
(Yes warden) the county laid my dearest papa in the grave.)

--- Instrumental ---

I will pawn you my watch I will pawn you my chain
I will pawn you my golden diamond ring
I will wash all your clothes I will scrub all your floors
If this will get my baby out of jail
(Yes warden) you know I want my baby out of jail.

Then I heard the warden say to that lady so old and gray
I will bring your darling baby to your side
Two iron gates swung wide apart She held her darling to her heart
She kissed her baby boy and then she died
(But smiling) in the arms of her dear darling boy she died...

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