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Grand Puba – All Day lyrics

All day (Yeah), word to Mamba (Uh huh)
We gon' freak this (Uh) we gon' freak it, keep it movin' (Uh)
All day (Yeah), word to Mamba (Uh huh)
We gon' freak this (Uh) we gon' freak it, keep it movin' baby (Uh)
Ya know it's got to be (The Grand Puba)
Don't do shows for free (We need paper)
Handle ya b-i-z (At all levels)
In this industry (Watch the devil)
Like em' they don't like me (So whatever)
That's just how it be (It's Rising Sun Records)
No more slavery (Right now, right now)
Y'all just pull for me (Yeah)
So throw ya hands up high (Uh)
And if ya feel me we gon' get it crunk tonight (Uh)
Ya know and if ya are that good (Uh)
Then ain't no doubt about it, we gon' keep this hood for you (Uh)
So come on get up let's do this with the Pu (Yeah)
No need to stand around because we came to move (Uh)
So tell me what chu' wanna do
We gon' keep it movin just for you, all day (Already, already)
All day (For sho' for sho') all day (Uh, uh)
All day, all day (Here we go, here we go)
It ain't a problem that I can't fix
Got dvd and navigation up in the whip
So if a bird give me trouble
Put her ass out on the double
Give her bus fare and call it a day
I don't play
With these chicks who have conscience
That's why my two-way got caller I'd to block the chickheads knockin'
So let's get it on, let's get it on
What chu' sippin' on, something strong, something strong
Grand Puba to the t-o-p
Honey throwin' them curves like El Duque
Came up from the food stamps to big shopping sprees
I'm only speakin' French to chickenheads, oui oui
Cause I was caught up in all this physical attracti

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