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Gracious Barnet – Terror Story lyrics

I can't believe your so far away
It's not a terror story
I just need to see how much my heart breaks
It's not a terror story
Cause it is so real it's time to grow up
How much don't you realize that it's so much of a sacrifice
I can't believe how faraway you've gone
But it's not a terror story

I got lost in the air wind blowin everywhere, could
This be a dream there's so much to be seen
Right in front of me
This is full of sadness what the heck is happening I'm
Confused or was it cause you refused now I'm trap in the
Madness,could I be helusinating or am I not I'm seeing
Ink blots,this part of my life can't be boring when it's storming
And it's pouring it won't stop,drip,drop....I'm gonna be the best
Rapper I can be never say never love is full of love I don't need your
Treasure I can do this by myself I do t need your help listen to what I gotta
Don't fear the weather cause its not all about the terror.
The wond can blow the sun can shine i know I ain't blind tonight let the April showers bring in the may flowers(let's go)
Cause I know imma let therap flow ( ohh)the heart circles around my head it doesn't mean love instead you can take me and hate me but you'll never Ever break me I know I wasn't ever meant to be strong I also can be wrong the leaves on the tree were always meant to be you it apart it'll be a shooting star but your dream will always be a memory make it come true and you won't be singing the blues 1 2 you don't have to be cool just because you transferred to another s ho your gonna have to choose its either life death or trust your gonna have to choose or else you'll get bust I need to break away from the dust cause that's what happens when you let the terror take your trust

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