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Godsmack – Bad Religion lyrics

[Preacher:] The word of God says that we will recieve
Praise of God. God will begin to speak forth, our
Righteousness is of him, sayith the Lord
[Music Begins]

Get back

Can you feel I'm not like you anymore.
I can't see,
I can't breathe.
See you quiver like the dogs on the street,
Looking down on as I beat you.
Oh, it's a bad religion,
From a broken nation.
Its a contradiction,
And I can't take it anymore, yeah.
Whos ta say I wont like you anyway?
Take a deep breath,
I'm alive.
Can you hear me,
I'm alive inside you.
Agony creeps up behind you.
Oh, it's a bad religion (Bad religion)
From a broken nation (A broken nation)
Its a contradiction,
And I can't take it any fucking more
Its a bad religion (bad religion, bad religion, bad religion)
From a broken nation (Broken nation)
Its a contradiction.
Can you feel it?
I gotta live with it everyday
And I can't take the pressure.
I'm goin' insane,
Now go away

Go away

[Preacher:] Now you start praising God where ever you
Are. I don't care where you are, I don't care what is
Happening, just begin to praise God, just begin to
Praise him and praise him and praise him and praise
Him and worship him, and bless him... [Trails off]

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Bad Religion meanings

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    This one is rather obviously referring to the Old Religion of Neo-Paganism as opposed to the New Religion of Christianity as it was formulated by the remaining players of the old Roman Empire, to preserve and protect their power and interests. The author of this tune has found release in the older traditions, spiritual enlightenment beyond the indoctrination which has been in power in this society for so long, as well as it's influence. He has traded his Bible and his fear of the threat of "hell" for a more direct, far older Path. Yet, he must still live with the "tyranny of the majority" as the Founding Fathers put it, and feels hounded by the blissful ignorance that makes the majority so sure they're the only ones who are "right" when he knows the Godhead or Creator is far bigger than their sole version of religion.
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