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Godsmack – Moonbaby lyrics

Let's take a blast up to the moon baby
I sit around wishing you well
How I'm craving you, Yeah!
Every time I'm near you
I always wanna swallow you down
I'll be right here if ya' need me
In my life, I'll need you here, don't ask why
I'll never disappear
Why is it everyday that I feel the pain?
Let's take a trip to the stars far away
Where were you when I was down?
Staring into the dead
My pain is caused by my pleasure
My soul mate lives in your body
I can't get you out of my head
It never goes away
In my life, I'll need you here, don't ask why
I'll never disappear
In your eyes you can bid me farewell
But don't ever try to understand the situation
Why is it everyday that I feel the pain?
It always comes when I least expect it
When I'm looking for love
Always seem to be regretting it
Why is it everyday that I feel the pain?

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  • l
    What I think this song is about is not so much an ex-girlfriend or lover, but a love that is absolute and unattainable. It's about wanting and needing her so badly as to be a constant source of heartache and pain, a devoted, passionate love with no boundaries which can never be a reality. Someone who is within reach, yet cannot be touched, so to speak. And it's as real in a spiritual sense as in a physical sense, encompassing both worlds, so it goes on for eternity, from lifetime to lifetime, in an ongoing cycle. There are other loves which can fulfill in part, but never fully satisfy, and the one love that can will never be obtained.
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  • t
    Yes it's true but at the same time about someone you lost in a intimate way just like that a girlfriend and it's true because right now I'm thinking of somebody and the songs truly takes to it's word when I see her that's what I want to be with her and never leave but that's what the song is about missing somebody and wanting her back when you can't
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