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Gillan – M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) lyrics

From where I stand
I see a blind man on a hill
From where I stand
I see the teacher in the valley
From where I stand
I see the blind man on a hill
And he is standing very still

The way it's planned
They'll only let the fools survive
The way it's planned
You would not want to stay alive
Just one big band
It's all they're leaving you to think about

From where I stand
I know just what they're planning
I know they're planning one big bang
And they call it Mutually Assured Destruction

From where I stand
I can see the mushrooms in the sky
From where I stand
I can watch the bleeding children cry
And they will die
And you have no wings to fly
From where I stand
I see the man on the hill
And he is standing very still

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Submitted bySimoneS


  • SimoneS
    Back in the 1980's, the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction seemed very real and very frightening. With the Cold War still very much a real threat to peace, the mad doctrine was that two sides who used their full scale nuclear weapons all at once, would essentially wipe each other out. Scientists believed that this outcome would act as a deterrent to action. Of course, not everyone felt the same, and there was much talk of a ways in which to gain the upper hand with first strike. All in all, it was a worrying time, because the world was on the edge, so it seemed. Gillan wrote this song to highlight the insanity of mad and the futility of war in general. Thankfully sense prevailed. For now!
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